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Business Developer

Are you the new Business Developer we are looking for based in Budapest, Hungary?  

We believe in growth, innovation, and strategic partnerships. As a Business Developer, you will help in expanding our reach, forging new relationships, and creating opportunities. If you thrive on collaboration, strategic thinking, and business acumen, you could be the new Business Developer, we are looking for to join our exciting and fast-moving company, where you will be part of a professional and high performing international team all working together to grow the business rapidly across Europe.  

Who we are:  

Risskov Autoferien AG is a fast-moving international online leisure company with around 100 employees, focusing on selling Short-Term Hotel Breaks to the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and German consumers. The company is growing successfully by promoting and selling competitive value for money packaged short-term hotel stays in 15 countries across Europe to couples that need a break now and then from everyday life.  

Our DNA: 
It is our Mission that ‘Everybody Deserves a Break’ and the Vision is to become a leading Northern/Central European provider of affordable Short-Term Hotel Break Road Trip Enjoyment. The strategic pillars are efficient procurement, powerful targeted online marketing, excellent customer service and a data and KPI driven organisation. The 
Key Business Value Drivers are Winning Mentality, Agile, Efficiency & Creativity and Business Acumen.  


Job Content: 

Reporting directly to our Senior Business Developer, you will bridge the gap between strategy and execution, contributing significantly to the organization’s growth journey. 

Your main tasks include: 

•    Identify and analyse new business opportunities.
•    Develop and implement strategies for growth and market expansion.
•    Provide concise briefings to relevant departments using PowerBI reports summarizing the monthly results.
•    Build and maintain relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders.
•    Monitor market trends, competitors, customer needs, and industry developments.
•    Responsibility for cross-organisational projects

Why we want you: 

You are a passionate Business Developer who is eager to create growth and development and you possess a strong business understanding and the ability to identify new opportunities. 
You are a team player who can support management and other key roles based on your ability to communicate, influence, and collaborate positively across all levels in the organisation.  
You have a strategic mindset and possess a strong sense of business acumen, and it is easy for you to adapt to and to lead change.
Experience that will support your success: 

•    You have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar role.
•    You have strong interpersonal skills and effective communication, and negotiation abilities are key.
•    You possess adaptability and a deep understanding of business dynamics.
•    You have experience in conducting market research.
•    You have experience with Project Management.
•    You are creative as well as good at identifying unconventional solutions, exploring niche markets, and adapting to changing environments.
•    You are fluent in English (verbal and written). Knowledge of German or one of the Scandinavian languages is an advantage.
•    Once empowered you must be able to make key decisions, bridge any gaps and to perform at a high level.

If you find this opportunity interesting and you believe to have the right skills, competencies, drive, and determination to be successful please send a motivational letter and your CV to [email protected]

We are looking for the right person to join us at our office in Budapest, Hungary as soon as possible in a full-time position. You will be supported to enable you to achieve success and we will always be willing to discuss enhancing your skills with suitable training/coaching.  

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